HerdWhistle™ Field Scanner - Agriwebb Enabled

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Product Description

The new HerdWhistle™ Field Scanner is a long range UHF RFID reader used to locate EID/RFID cattle tags. This scanner integrates seamlessly with Agriwebb's software via bluetooth.The scanner offers an easy point and click functionality with a distinct audio tone that guides farmers to the animal. Its portable and wireless design makes it accessible anywhere on the farm.

First list of Features

  • Locate UHF EID/RFID cattle tags up to 25m (82’) away
  • Rugged and shock resistant build for a hard day’s work on the farm
  • Portable and comfortable design for use anywhere on the farm
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Agriwebb integration.


Communication Protocol: Bluetooth

Power Source: 3.7V battery pack

Max read range: 25.5m

Operating Frequency: 915MHz

Tag Read Speed: 20 tags/s