HerdWhistle™ Two Piece UHF Ear Tags (50 pack)

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(Please note that bulk discounts begin at over 100 packs of 50 tags or 5,000 tags)


  • < 100 (Packs of 50) $102.50 ($2.05/unit)

  • 100 - 999 (Packs of 50)
    $77.50 ($1.55/unit)

  • 1,000 - 9,999 (Packs of 50)
    $75.00 ($1.50/unit)

  • 10,000 - 99,999 (Packs of 50)
    $72.50 ($1.45/unit)

  • > 100,000 (Packs of 50)
    $70.00 ($1.40/unit)


  • < 100 (Packs of 50)
    $82.50 ($1.65/unit)

  • 100 - 999 (Packs of 50)
    $62.50 ($1.25/unit)

  • 1,000 - 9,999 (Packs of 50)
    $60.00 ($1.20/unit)

  • 10,000 - 99,999 (Packs of 50)

    $57.50 ($1.15/unit)

  • > 100,000 (Packs of 50)

    $55.00 ($1.10/unit)

Product Description

HerdWhistle™ Two Piece UHF Cow Ear Tags enable rapid counting, tracking, and management of thousands of cows in the field. Using ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID technology, multiple ear tags can be scanned at the same time to track cattle as they run through alleyways or board a truck. Our ear tags are built to last the entire life of the cow. The two piece design is tamper proof for permanent retention. The UHF RFID chip is embedded inside of a flexible and durable TPU plastic mold for long lasting data collection, even in the rough cattle environments. Each ear tag goes through a strict quality control process to ensure a reliable read rate when deployed on the farm.


  • Reduce trips to the squeeze. Rapidly count, track, and manage hundreds of cattle EID’s in the field with ultra-high frequency data collection.
  • Long lasting RFID readability. UHF RFID chip is embedded inside of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) mold for ultimate retention.
  • Extraordinarily long RFID read range. Scan and track EID’s from greater than 30ft (9m) away.
  • Customized to your operation. Add custom laser printed visual ID and graphics to fit your management standards. 
  • Fast and easy application. Use any two piece ear tag applicator for simple application on your cows.


Chip: Monza R6 & Alien Higgs 4
Inlay: AD-3016r Wet Inlay & ALN-9728 Wet Inlay
Operating Frequency: 840-960 MHz
Read Range: > 9m (30ft)*
Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
Colors: White, Gray, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Yellow
Operating Temperature: -40° to + 70°C (-40° to +158°F)
Tag Dimensions (including neck): 75mm (W) x 100mm (H)  or 3.0in (W) x 3.9in (H)