HerdWhistle™ BigEye™

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    The ultimate ‘all in one’ precision tool for the livestock industry, the BigEye™ offers a comprehensive solution for real-time phenotypic evaluation. Equipped with multispectral camera technology and uniquely in-built Ultra High Frequency / Low Frequency tag readers. Its 3D camera and thermal camera capabilities provide accurate identification, efficient monitoring, and crucial insights into animal health. Embrace the future of PRECISION livestock management with the BigEye™ and unlock a new level of productivity through data capture to action.


    • Rugged and Shock resistant build
    • Robust mounting design, boltable to any vertical surface where data capture is required
    • Equipped with 3D Camera. 1080P HD, enables clear HD image capture
    • Equipped with thermal Camera with the self IR FPA detector
    • RFID Technology built-in with additional and optional ports for external antennas
    • Infrared Thermograph Imaging provides early warning of at risk of disease.
    • Infrared Thermograph Imaging detects pregnancy in livestock
    • 3D camera with analytics generates weight prediction without a scale
    • RFID Technology scans individual animals generating continuous activity monitoring data
    • Edge computing module executes proprietary algorithms and analytics
    • Cloud synchronization for pertinent livestock data reporting and device updates


    Scanning Technology: UHF / Thermal Imaging
    Connectivity:  Cellular LTE, GPS
    Read Range:   2 - 5m
    Frequency: 860-960 MHz
    Controls: Animal activated
    Dimensions: L: 80cm  (31.5") H:  80cm (31.5")  W: 12.45cm (4.9") Weight: 5000g (5kg)